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Sunday, 20 May 2018

> Why It’s Not Safe To Get A Loan Online


The internet makes everything easier, consider yourself savvy and confortale accomplishing little things online like ordering food, paying bills.

 But the stakes are high when it comes to odering a loan online. You need to provide sensitive information to someone you might not know, and you are proaly talking aout a huge sum of money.

   The safest way to borrow money online is to make sure you are dealing with a reputable lendor and that you keep an eye on red flags. The following are major risks involved in burrowing money online.

Losing money is a real risk: fake lendors can easily set up shops, promise the world, and charge fees for aapproving your loan. Ultimately, you dont get what you paid for.

Paying too much: Even if you get a loan, you might end up making a lot of intrest to a bad lender. spending thousands of dollars more than necessary. Reputale lenders will give you the same loan for less.

Identity Theft:  This happens whn you give your information to identity theives or wesite that dont adequately protect your information ( even though they collect with no intent of stealing your identity). items commonly found on loan application are very useful in stealing your identity, your social security number, date of birth, current and previous addresses.

Pick the right lender: dealing with a legitimate and reputable lender will pevent problems. Always research lenders you are consistently using, and read oth positve and negatve reviews. Always remember that everything in the internet is not true. Always borrow from a lender youve hesrd aout from a source you trust.

Trustworthy referrals: Alays ask your friends and family where they have borrowed and how things went out. you might also hear aout good lenders from financial influencers or on high-quality financial podcasts. The etter your source the more confident you can be when you borrow( and the less likely you are to find yourself in a mess).
 less reliable sources should be avoided like an email out of the blue is not a good source of information. Spammers send malicious mails by millions and you never know who you are really dealing with. Old school mails that arrive your house is more reliable

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