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Sunday, 20 May 2018

> Diseases And Care of Pigs


Pigs are animals that are always exposed to diseases due to the dirty nature of their life, so they need to be controlled, managed and take care of; in other to reduce mortality rate among them.

They following are diseases of pigs;

Worms:  these are parasites that live in the body system of pigs, some are beneficial while some are harmful.
Treatment:  Deworm with albiomec

Low milk production (agalactia): this occurs in sows.
Treatment: administer oxytocin to sow immediately after birth.

Menge: this is one major diseases of pigs. It is an external parasite.

Rashes, itching on skin, loss of hair, scars on eyes, ears, skin.
Treatment:  Administer butox, ivermectine.

Note: Deworming of adult pigs must be on regular basis, while weaners should be dewormed before 2weeks of weaning.

Collibacillosis: this is a bacteria infection. It affect the excretory system of pigs.
Symptoms: white and yellow feaces.
Treatment: administer antibiotics

African Swine Fever: this is a viral disease that is well known to pigs in Africa
Symptoms: scars on animal body with purple red colour.

Diarrhea with purple appearance
Loss of appetite
Death occurs with bleeding from ear,nose,mouth and anus.

Malnutrition: also known as anemia
Treatment: administer iron

Diseases Of Lactating Sows

Mastitis: inflammation of the mammary gland, which could lead to lack of milk.
Treatment: administer antibiotics

Metritis: inflammation of uterus
Symptoms: mucous secretion from vulva at 1-3 days after farrowing. Which become foul as days days.
Cure: antibiotics after farrowing

Note: MMA syndrome is what they are called.

Lameness:  This is caused by overweight or lack of calcium

Footrot: this disease affect the footof pigs
Treatment: administer gentermacine or procaine or termadox LA

Cough: administer stremacine or procaine

* Moringa can act as antibiotics
* Weaners  are injected with sulfadine to cure enteritis.
* Injuries in pigs caused through fighting can be treated with           reptimycen.
* Administer dexarel  in feed  to help pigs eat well.
* For running stomach  used bitter leaf and leucina.
* Weaning sows should be give remacycline.

General Care Of Piglets And Sows
* During birth sow should be provided with enough food to avoid       cannibalism.
* Oxytocin should be injected to sow immediately after birth to aid     breast milk production (it also help sow for placenta to come out).
* After 3 days of birth inject sow with multivitamin for body               rejunvination.
* Serve iron 100 and multivitamins to piglets after 3 days of birth       through injection (1ml dosage) to avoid early stage diseases.
* Red leaf act as blood meal during pregnancy in pigs .
* Check sows for more teats for piglets.
* Pregnant sow requires 2.4kg of feed per day and also depends on     size of sow.
* Feed minimal on the first day after farrowing  to avoid over             production of milk causing piglets diarrhea.
* Provide creep feed after 3weeks of age.
* Heat lamps should be provided for piglets on cold weather               conditions.
* Ensure that piglet suckle breast immediately after birth to enable     them get colostrums.
* Castrate piglets between 2-3weeks of age.
* To achieve 2-3litters in sows per year, Piglets should be weaned       6-8weeks of age, which should be complimented with improved       feeding and management.

Care Of Weaners And Growers
* Weaned pigs should be feed with high protein feeds to replace         sow’s milk especially during early stages of weaning.
* Deworm weaners 2weeks after weaning repeat every2-3months.
* At growers stage, separate the males and females when they             attain about 30kg to avoid inbreeding and cannibalism.
* Select gilts and boars for breeding and channel others to                   fattening for the market.
* Runtism (stunted growth) should be well observed.
* Housing of small number of pigs to improve feed efficiency and       growth.
* Pigs should be be feed twice a day (morning and night).
* Breeding should be done at 7-8months of age to avoid small size     of litter.
* Sows should be breed at first heat 2weeks after weaning.
* Boars attain sexual maturity at 5-6months of age.
* Keep boars near sow’s pen to increase boars sexual alertness.

Care Of Diseased Pigs
* Isolate sick pigs and contact a veterinary doctor.
* Maintain sanitary measures.
* Ensure regular vaccination.
* Ensure new stocks are quarantined.
* Regulate visitors entry
* Ensure footbath and hand wash.
* Routine deworming.
* Bury dead pigs.
* Fumigate regularly.


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