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Friday, 1 December 2017

> 21 Rare Plants and Their Botanical Names (Including Their Uses)


Plant name                    |    botanical name                                   |     uses
Savanna bamboo           oxythenanthera abysinica                  stems & branches: for farm structure
Guinea grass                   panicum maximum                             forage (for  manure and farm animals)
Elephant grass               pennisetum purpeum                          forage (for  manure and farm animals)
Guinea corn                    sorghum vulgare                                   grain for food, stem for farm structure
Millet                               pennisetum typhoide                          grain for food, stem for farm structure  
Tiger nut                         cyperus papyrus                                    swollen rhizomes for food
Date palm                       phoenix dactylifera                              fruits for food
Locust beans                  parkia spp                                              seeds for food

Kolanut                            cola nitida                                              nuts used as stimulant
Sanboge                           garcinia  tinetora                                  for dyeing clothes
Calyptus                           eucalyptus spp                                     acts as wind breakers, for farm structures
Oil bean                           pentaclethra macrophyllum              seed for foods, stem for structure
Sheabutter                      butryospermum parucii                      fat for industry
African star apple           chrysophyllum africanum                  fruits for food
Incense tree                     canarium schwein furthii                  wax for lightening, fruits for food
Neem tree                        azadirachta                                          leaves & barks for medicine,  serves as shade
Jute                                  corchorus olitorus                                leaves for food  
Raphia palm                    raphia spp                                             wine,branches for structures
Calabash                          laenaria vulgaris                                    fruits for containers
Thyme                              thymus vulgare                                     leaves for  spices

Cent leaves                     ocimum gratissinum                             leaves for spice and medicine


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