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Friday, 18 August 2017

> See One Great Reason Why You Should Learn A skill On Earth Today
Skills are product of perfect mechanism in your brain being it agricultural, mechanical, technological or otherwise. They are God-given or acquired in life. 

There is something about you that you don’t understand and you will never know until when you decide to know. I discovered in life that not everyone is meant for education, some people are meant to be artisans (skilled men and women). When people fail to harness their skillful potential, they tend to live in poverty.


   A skill is a divine project embedded in each person to upgrade and polish for a greater use for human race, when abandoned their carrier tend to suffer and they remained unfulfilled. You cannot be a man of skill until you tend to fish it out, just because your skill does not translate directly to success, doesn’t  mean there is anything wrong with it.
If you look around the world today you will discover that the world is tired of people looking for jobs, they want people to use their skill to proffer solution to problems surrounding us.
I have a question for you.

  What is it that you know how to do best? Don’t kill your skill, it is an asset, Do you know how to make people laugh? Do it, it has many comedians mega rich. Do you how to make people hair? Do it, you will make wealth.
Lastly anything you know you can offer today; Do it, it will pay you well. If you don’t have a skill try and acquire one today. Please brothers and sisters do not rely solely on that your certificate, it may fail you but your skill must surely pay you.
Remember advice is not a curse, adhering to it may be your beginning to freedom. Thank you

Hope this helps. Please always leave comment and share to help someone.

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