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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

> Catfish Hatchery Made Easy Like ABC

Please read this important Notes before performing your own hatchery.

- Female fishes have short valve while male fishes have long valve.
- To calm down a male fish during surgery, pour saline water(water & salt) on the body.
- Inject 0.5ml of ovaprine to 1kg of female fish.
- Use acetol or spirit to preserve pituary gland.

Step 1: Select a fertile female catfish,by slightly pressing their stomach to release eggs which are dark green in color when fully matured for fetilization.

Step 2: After selection of the matured female catfish, eject ovaprine or grinded pituary gland (which is gotton at the center of fish head) into the body of female fish to speed up egg release in the female fish. This injection should be done at the side of the fish stomach.
Step 3: Leave the injected female catfish for 10-12hrs,then bring out the fish and strip the eggs out from the stomach by pressing gently to release eggs in a bowl.

Step 4: Bring out a matured male catfish,cut the lower abdomen with razor to locate the sperm duct. After locating the sperm duct, cut out and press in the sperm into the bowl and mix it with little saline water(0.9m). after the cut your can stitch back the fish to heal or kill it eat.
N/B: in selecting a matured male, the valve are long and dark in colour(indicating complete maturity)

Step 5: Now mix the sperm with the eggs and stir to effect proper fertilization of eggs.

N/B: Please during fertilization do not use little quatity of sperm for large number of eggs to avoid low fertilization of eggs. Please gather as many sperm ducts as you can from different male fishes and check the quatity of your eggs.

Step 6: After mixing properly,pour the eggs on a cacabam place on hatch ponds and leave the eggs for 24-48hours, after you will notice the fries are formed on the cacabam.

Step 7: After the eggs are hatched, leave fries for 3days before feeding with artamia or egg yolk.

N/B: Make sure you siphon their water every morning and add fresh running water to reduce mortality because at this stage the are very delicate.
- Sort for shooters(fast growers among them) every 2weeks to reduce mortality and  cannabalism.

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