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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

> Amazing!!! How Eating Chili Peppers Can Make You Live Longer
Everybody wants to live longer, but there are hidden substances found in chili peppers that may you to achieve that which you long for.

An earlier study on the spicy plant that was conducted in china and published in 2015 showed that 16,179 Americans men and women participated in a larger public health study in which there were 4,946 deaths over 23years of study. After controlling for age, sex, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and other health, diet and behavioral  characteristics, they found out that those reported eating hot pepper had a 13percent reduced risk of dying early. Although, the authors had no information about the quantities of chili peppers been consumed by each individual, this was observatory and therefore no casual connection can be proven.

Still, they write that capsaicin, the substance which gives pepper their punch has inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that may be linked to disease prevention.

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